Meet Yuri
A wife, mom, and working professional who brings the right combination of knowledge, skill, experience, and heart that is urgently needed to ensure MPC justly serves our diverse community.

Like so many of you, I have many roles in life - Mom, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Friend. This coming November, I hope to add MPC Area 2 Trustee to the list. (In case you are not familiar with the Trustee Areas, here's a map .) In each of my roles, I am present and fully engaged. I hold myself and my colleagues to high standards. I approach challenges head-on.  I am honored to be thought of as a strategic and thoughtful leader by my peers.  If elected, I will offer the same energy and enthusiasm I bring to each of my roles to bear as your Trustee.
I have lived in the Monterey Peninsula Community College District for just shy of nine years. My career has included programmatic and organizational leadership roles in nonprofit and government organizations in Monterey County, as well as in New York City and San Francisco. I currently serve as Policy Advisor to Monterey County Supervisor Mary Adams.  Before that, I was a member of the senior leadership team at United Way Monterey County. The opportunities I have had, made possible by education, to live and grow in some of the world's most notable cities, amaze me when juxtaposed against my formative years.
I grew up in Prunedale and graduated from North Monterey County High School. My mother's family has lived in the Salinas Valley for more than 60 years. My father's family moved to Castroville when my Opa, MSG James T. Dew, was stationed at Fort Ord.  Both of my parents are graduates of Alisal High School.

I was blessed to attend two prestigious universities – the University of Southern California (BA ’02) and New York University (MA ’04).  While the degrees I earned advanced my career and life, they have also resulted in debt.  As I make my monthly student loan payments, I realize more and more that attending a community college should have been a part of my plan.

While my children are young, I am already thinking about their future. Knowing that 2/3rds of all jobs now require a post-secondary degree or certificate, I have been paying close attention to how our local post-secondary institutions are progressing. As I listened and learned more about MPC and the various challenges the college is facing, I feel compelled to serve. 

A mom of two young children, I know that being confident MPC is providing access to an affordable, high-quality academic program is critical to families.  Our community has changed and so, MPC has changed. Unfortunately, the college has struggled to adjust to its new reality. As your Trustee, I will work to ensure MPC is a college that not only welcomes our diverse community but is prepared to serve it.

Please vote Yuri if you want an MPC Trustee who is committed to your success.


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