Excelling in a Performance-Based Funding Environment

Community colleges have traditionally been funded based on the number of Full-time Equivalent Students or FTES enrolled. However, with the passage of the State’s 2018-19 budget, funding to sustain and grow the college is at-risk.  MPC will now receive approximately 25% of their funding based on the number of low-income students it enrolls, and 25% based on the number of degrees and certificates granted and the number of students who earn a degree or certificate within 3-years of enrollment.  The remaining 50% of funding will be made to the college through a Base Grant determined using the FTES approach. MPC, with its history of focus on lifelong learners, has struggled to adjust to the changed mandate of community colleges, particularly because they so impacted revenue to the college.  Strategic response to the performance-based funding environment introduced by the 2018 CA State Budget is required to ensure student and institutional success.

My career has been spent leading organizations through transformations.  One example, as Vice President, Community Investments with United Way Monterey County, I was responsible for supporting the organization through a significant shift in its impact focus and investment practices. The change required a sustained and transparent approach to achieve success. As your Trustee, I will bring this experience to MPC, supporting institutional leaders to examine everything activity the college is engaged in and make strategic decisions that prioritize student outcomes while capitalizing on the institution’s strengths to ensure success.