Recruitment and Hiring of the College President

With the June 27th announcement by Dr. Walt Tribley that he will retire from his position of President/Superintendent in September 2019, the Board of Trustees will spend the next year engaged in an executive search.  The recruitment and hiring of a college President is the most transformational action the Board will make in the next 14 months.  Dr. Tribley’s retirement creates a tremendous opportunity for the college to leap into an again changed community college reality and heal a fractured organizational culture.

MPC’s student body has shifted in recent years, with higher numbers of low-income, minority, and students under the age of 25 accessing the college.  MPCs next president must be prepared to lead the institution through these monumental shifts while capitalizing on opportunities created by State-sponsored initiatives like AB288 (College & Career Access Pathways). MPC needs a president to see us successfully through the shifts in funding to the college enacted through the 2018 State Budget.  Furthermore, the next college president, working with the Board of Trustees, will be tasked with restoring strained relations between administration and faculty.

I understand that our community has an expectation of authentic engagement from our leaders.  My experience recruiting, hiring, and orienting staff and board members have prepared me well for the task of leading this critical recruitment.  In addition to a candidate with the requisite education and experience, I will advocate for the hiring of a college president that respects and embraces the diversity of our community and has demonstrated experiencing strategically and intentionally cultivating caring and high-functioning organizations.  Moreover, I will be pressing for a president that places a high value on collaboration between faculty and industry to design academic programs that align with student interests and local workforce needs.